This Is the Popcorn Maker of My Netflix & Chill Dreams

Whether you’re watching thrillers like Money Heist and Ozark or comedies like Set It Up, there’s no better snack than popcorn. During quarantine, Netflix was my favorite escape and I found myself plowing through bags of microwave popcorn before deciding to try popping kernels myself for a more economical (and environmentally friendly) way to indulge my habit. 

It’s easy enough to pop kernels on the stove top, but I always seemed to end up with too many burnt pieces, or a sad army of unpopped kernels, even when I diligently listened to the popping percussion and periodically shook the pan.

Then I discovered the Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker by Dash and I’ve instantly become a popcorn popping queen. It may look like a miniature garbage can, but this is a small but mighty popcorn machine. It’s just over a foot tall and easily fits on a kitchen countertop, or if I’m being totally honest, right on my nightstand with a hefty container of popcorn kernels underneath.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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