The Smart Cookware You Need to Become a Professional Chef at Home

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The last few months have been all about baking bread, but have you gone out of your comfort zone to learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals? It’s not an easy job if you’re not born with the gift to cook. I’m surprised Silicon Valley hasn’t come up with a robot that can fully prepare our meals yet, but this line of smart cookware gets pretty close: the Hestan Cue.

I don’t feel like a dud in the kitchen anymore. Yes, I still have to do all the hard work of peeling and chopping (which I hate) but Hestan Cue guides you through the whole recipe process. No matter how much you suck at cooking, some kind of magic happens when you use Hestan cookware, and your meals turn out tasty every time.

To start, get the smart cooktop. The induction cooktop will become your new best friend in the kitchen along with the Hestan Cue app. They sync up to control the temperature on the cooktop while the app highlights the steps you need to follow in order to cook any of the recipes available. Then choose your favorite type of cookware: a smart pan, a chef’s pot, or a smart sauce pot. Once you’ve made your investment, you are good to go! You won’t be able to use regular cookware with the Hestan Cue cooktop so you’ll need to purchase at least one of their smart pans.

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