‘The Legend of Korra,’ Now on Netflix, Was a Great ‘Avatar’ Sequel and You Gotta Deal with It


The Legend of Korra was always going to be a different show. Most obviously, the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel intentionally chose a protagonist who, in many ways, was her predecessor’s polar opposite. And the series itself, set decades after Avatar, occupied a very different world from the one Aang trekked all those years ago during his quest to defeat the Fire Nation.

Some Avatar fans have long derided Korra. The rationale behind the backlash is a melange of justified frustration and some garbage takes. As Korra makes its way to Netflix just as many have finished watching (and re-watching) its predecessor, it’s worth revisiting these arguments—because a lot of the bitter backlash Korra has faced over the years for “ruining” Avatar lore has been unfounded and unfair.

Korra certainly has its pitfalls, but so does Avatar. Like Tui and La, the Moon and Ocean Spirits who circle one another for eternity in the Northern Water Tribe’s koi pond, the two shows’ push-and-pull is actually the heart of Avatar lore. And the existence of one only enhances and deepens the other.

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