‘RBG’ Directors Recall How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wanted to Be Remembered

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When Betsy West and Julie Cohen began putting together their 2018 Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary, RBG, they knew they would never get to fit in everything they’d learned about the accomplished Supreme Court Justice. For instance: They had to leave out anecdotes about the time she learned Swedish just to become an expert in the country’s civil procedure.

As the two explained to me in 2018 for a Vanity Fair story, Ginsburg got the book assignment as a young law professor and seized it so firmly that, as Cohen put it, she “became perhaps at the time… the leading—outside of Scandinavia—expert on Swedish civil procedure.” It wasn’t as colorful an anecdote as those that made it into the doc, which captured Ginsburg’s “feminist love story,” cultural meme-ification and planking regimen.

But Cohen said in 2018 that the anecdote gave “a sense of her level of determination when she gets an assignment.” And in the wake of Ginsburg’s death Friday at 87, West and Cohen have shared what she wanted her legacy to be.

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