Little Known Fact: Patagonia Is Killing the Undergarments Game

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Backcountry

I don’t think I’ve worn a real bra since March—WFH has completely shattered my tolerance for them. Anything with an underwire is an automatic “no” these days, but even when it comes to bralettes and sports bras, I’m super picky. If it’s too lacey, too padded, too constricting, too hard to get on, too difficult to wash, etc., etc., it’s also going to be a “no” for me. Well, let me tell you: I finally found *the* perfect bra. The Patagonia Active Mesh Bra is my new hero.

I know it sounds a little random for a brand most known for their outdoor gear to be my new favorite arbiter of intimates, but trust me on this. Their super technical, made-for-the-elements innovations actually translate flawlessly to undergarments—think high-tech moisture-wicking and antimicrobial odor-controlling fabrics (they call it miDori™ bioSoft and HeiQ® Fresh!). Not to mention they’re silky soft and totally seamless.

In “the before times,” I was that person that automatically changed out of my jeans and my bra as soon as I got home. So now that I spend all day at home, this checks the boxes of feeling covered and supported during my Zoom meetings, but also is so lightweight, I can barely feel it. And I know this isn’t recommended, but I frequently fall asleep wearing it—that’s how cloud-like and comfy it is.

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