Chet Hanks Joined Clubhouse. Then All Hell Broke Loose.

Chet Hanks Joined Clubhouse. Then All Hell Broke Loose.


On Wednesday night, Chet Hanks joined Clubhouse and created the chatroom “All Love.” The actor, who’s a descendant of Hollywood royalty and perpetual fave Tom Hanks, is one of five or six recognizable names you might find browsing Clubhouse—the audio-only, invite-exclusive platform—on any given day.

Chet Hanks has made a decent career of his own after stumbling out of the blocks the way most children of famous people do. He is neither the youngest Hanks, nor the oldest; neither the most famous, nor the most talented son (Colin fills that role). For what it’s worth—and so far, it hasn’t been much—he does understand how to command the spotlight. At the Golden Globes in January, Hanks set social media ablaze with a clip of him mimicking Jamaican patois on the red carpet. Chet is also an aspiring musician who, according to his Instagram, had spent a chunk of time in Jamaica going on a “dancehall deep dive,” to paraphrase him. The responses to his antics ranged from genuine delight at him amplifying Jamaican culture in this decidedly not-Jamaican space to taunts about the middle Hanks’ seemingly endless, winding journey into Black identity. (During his tenure as the rapper “Chet Haze,” he freely used the N-word, and later apologized for it.)

As he kicked off his “All Love” room, however, he faced the critique from Jamaicans and others that he was using what’s considered Black lingo without meaningfully engaging with Black struggle. It’s a problem many white admirers (and usurpers) of Black culture face: how can they benefit from the cool factor that the culture endows while paying none of the cost?

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Perdue Says the SEC ‘Totally Exonerated’ Him, a Thing the SEC Cannot Legally Do

via Youtube

ATLANTA—Faced with a steady drip of reporting on his conspicuously timed stock trades, Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) is defending himself with a line that his biggest ally, President Donald Trump, has practically made into a mantra.

“Totally exonerated,” declares a newly released television ad from Perdue, which claims he has been fully cleared by the Department of Justice and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

Except neither agency has that power.

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Meet the Women Telling Their Sterilization Stories on TikTok

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos via TikTok

Some people unbox beauty products on TikTok; Sadie shows off surgical scars. At home in front of a bathroom mirror, wearing floral printed leggings and a chestnut brown sweater, Sadie pointed out three tiny incision marks coming on their belly button, and both sides of the hip.

“Yep, you fucking heard it,” Sadie (@sadieanneliza), a 26-year-old Uber driver from Denver who uses they/them pronouns, said in the video. Their voice slurred—they admitted to being “fucking zooted” off of pain medication—as they talked about the sterilization procedure they’d had earlier in the day.

“They didn’t just tie my tubes either, they fucking took them,” Sadie went on. “They took them from me, never, ever to be pregnant. I’m fucking stoked.” (Sadie asked that The Daily Beast keep their last name private.)

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Even Liberals Have to Admit Trump Had Real Successes on the Economy

Win McNamee/Getty

President Trump’s critics have never lacked for legitimate complaints. His unpresidential behavior has included dishonesty, personal attacks, a petty lack of loyalty, and a Twitter feed that makes most Americans cringe. On the international front, he has cozied up to dictators, insulted allies, and abandoned trade agreements.

Trump also had his share of domestic policy failures: soaring budget deficits, runaway spending, tariffs, an immigration crisis at the border, and the lack of a fully-formed health plan to expand access and reduce costs. The president’s inconsistent downplaying of the coronavirus pandemic did not inspire confidence either.

However, we should avoid the knee-jerk partisanship of entirely dismissing Trump’s domestic policy record. There have also been successes that can inform future lawmakers and presidents.

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Monolith Haters Are Convinced It’s Just a Lame Marketing Ploy

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Every time another mysterious, silvery monolith is discovered in the remote wilderness, Nay Krisanda grows more fed up with the phenomenon. “If the first one felt like a marketing gimmick,” Krisanda told The Daily Beast, “the second two solidified that feeling.”

Three times in recent weeks, tall metal obelisks have been found standing upright like giant dominoes in the wild. The first, discovered in a Utah canyon, was removed by environmental activists last week. Another monolith appeared on a Romanian hillside shortly thereafter, followed by a third on a California mountaintop this week.

But for a growing anti-monolith crowd, the whimsy has worn off with each subsequent discovery. If it’s art, it’s not particularly good art, they argue. If it’s a publicity stunt, just cut to the chase and say what it’s advertising. If it’s aliens, they can go to hell.

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Project Veritas’ New CNN Bombshell: Jeff Zucker Thinks Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Crazy’

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Earlier this week, Project Veritas released the first of what it promised would be many shocking revelations from CNN’s internal editorial meetings, which founder James O’Keefe appears to have infiltrated and recorded over the course of several weeks.

First, the right-wing group tried to make hay out of the fact that one high-level CNN staffer considered Fox News host Tucker Carlson to be racist—while simultaneously misidentifying the staffer in question. Their latest bombshell? CNN President Jeff Zucker thinks Rudy Giuliani is “crazy.”

According to Project Veritas’ website, O’Keefe believes it will be “virtually impossible for the American public to take CNN’s reporting seriously after listening to these tapes.” And yet, once again, nothing that Zucker has said should surprise anyone who has been paying attention to Giuliani, especially in the weeks since Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden.

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These Shirts Get me Through Summers In the Middle East and Winters In Chicago

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Uniqlo

For the last 10 years I’ve spent my life split between the Midwest and the Middle East, two places with extreme climates––one very hot, one often very cold. Living out of a suitcase is difficult enough without trying to juggle different wardrobes. Luckily, I discovered Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line a few years ago.

I’m all about finding staples I love and buying them en masse, which is why I have the HEATTECH Scoop Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt in almost every color, as well as almost every iteration of the sleeveless top and Scoop Neck T-Shirt. The long-sleeve t-shirt is light enough that I don’t overheat in the desert of Dubai, where I used to live, and conservative enough that I can wear it with a light scarf in Iraq, where I used to work. The t-shirts have a silky feel and are cute enough for drinks in Chicago with friends, dressed up with jewelry, and the tank top is great as a base layer or for a beach day. Speaking of layering, these are so thin they can be worn on top of each other without looking bulky.

The line generates heat from your body, meaning the clothes feel warm when you’re cold, and normal when you’re not. The fibers absorb vapor from your body and convert it into heat, and micro acrylic air pockets keep air in for insulation. The fabric is silky on your skin, thanks to argon-oil infused innerwear, and the whole line is stretchy, which is great for comfort during travel or long days at work. Best of all, everything is extremely lightweight, folding into tiny stacks in my suitcase — it’s actually amazing how little room they take up.

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Nebraska Drug Kingpin Hid Out for Over Three Decades Using Dead Baby’s Identity: Feds

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida

For over 35 years, Howard Farley has been on the lam.

The alleged “drug kingpin” of the Southern Line, a railroad line used as a distribution channel for narcotics throughout the United States, was indicted by a Nebraska federal grand jury in 1985 along with 73 others—but was never apprehended.

After searching for the 72-year-old for more than three decades, authorities now say he was hiding in plain sight all along, using the identity of a Florida infant who died in 1955.

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Trump Rewards His Cronies and Bundlers With Plum Posts on His Way Out the Door


With the clock running down his presidency, Donald Trump has rewarded some of his top fundraisers with plumb federal positions that will outlast his single term in office.

The White House announced on Thursday that Trump had appointed lobbyist Brian Ballard to the board of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Jeff Miller, also a prominent lobbyist, to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

Both men were high-dollar fundraisers for the president’s reelection. Miller reported “bundling” more than $3.5 million for Trump Victory, the joint fundraising account that housed the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee field operation. Ballard raised nearly $600,000 for Trump Victory.

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