Hannity’s Crony Has Taken Over Fox News Digital—and It’s a Disaster, Staffers Say

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

Sean Hannity is already one of Fox News’ loudest voices, and has put his Trumpist stamp on the network’s broadcasts. Now, his influence has spread to the once-independent digital news operation, staffers say, and it’s largely thanks to a little-known former Hannity producer named Porter Berry.

Over the past several years, the conservative tenor of Fox News’ opinion coverage has seeped more and more into the company’s popular digital brands. Few at the network deserve more credit for this transformation than Berry, who moved from television to the digital side in 2018 after stints with Hannity, midday talk show The Five, and Bill O’Reilly, and who staff say has helped mold the websites more in the image of the network’s right-wing opinion programming.

According to multiple staffers, Berry’s editorial vision and management style has resulted in the departure of key digital news employees like Jason Ehrich, the former executive vice president of audience development and strategic partnerships, and Greg Wilson, the former managing editor of the Fox News website, among others.

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