Governors Like Cuomo Must Save Us From Trump’s Coronavirus Madness

Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

Every morning around 11 a.m., I feel momentarily better. That man who appears on my television screen is calm; measured; blunt where he needs to be; full of factual updates.

Not that it’s good news he’s peddling. Tuesday morning, as I write these words, he announced that “we have some new facts… changes in circumstances that are not encouraging.” The rate of increase has sped up. That means, he explained clearly, more seriously sick people, which means more hospital beds are needed, and medical staff and equipment and protective gear, and that the apex is coming sooner than we thought—in 14 days, “so if the ventilators aren’t there when needed, it’s no good.” Only the federal government can provide those, from an existing stockpile.

That’s all horrible news, but all delivered in a way we would expect a leader to speak—it’s just a shame that that man is not the president. It’s Andrew Cuomo. However you feel about the pre-virus Andrew, he’s been what we’ve needed during this crisis. He has behaved the way a president ought to behave. And hardly a syllable of his presentations is about himself.

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