Can Jacinda Ardern’s Landslide Re-Election Convert Stardom into Concrete Reform?

REUTERS/Fiona Goodall

As a Kiwi overseas you soon get used to the questions. From trendy Colombian nightclubs, to dingy departure lounges of East African airports and bustling Turkish bazaars, as soon as people hear you’re from New Zealand, they’re eager to share their unbridled enthusiasm for Jacinda Ardern.

“We are so grateful for what she did for the Muslim community,” one middle-aged Somalian construction worker told The Daily Beast while sipping coffee in an open-air market in Djibouti. Her celebrity truly reaches all corners of the globe.

Even NZ’s biggest exports aren’t immune. Sam Neill, the face of the global Jurassic Park phenomenon told TIME magazine: “Wherever I go people say, ‘You think we could have Jacinda this week? Could we just borrow her for a while?’”

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