Guide to Football Betting

Guide to Football Betting

If you closely observe the people around you, you will notice that they do a little gambling even in the simplest ways. From being able to eat food faster, to being the first to finish the chores, betting has been a part of life. However, when it comes to football betting, it is a different ball game. You have no control over the result and you have to painstakingly wait for what will happen as the game progresses. Of course, watching the game is essential because you need to know the outcome and be able to analyze how it happened.

You may notice that there are countless guides and articles on the Internet about how to win football bets. People read these things with the hopes of getting a few tips and techniques on how to increase their odds of winning. You have to consider that there are several betting systems and the one you are using now may not be suitable for you. Think about it. Are you satisfied for winning just 60% all the time? Are you not ready to grab hold of 90% winnings? Are you okay with losing the other 40%.

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The guides that you read offer you facts. However, แทงบอล there is still no promise of at least 90% winning when you bet. These are only tips and may not be suitable for แทงบอล all those who are doing football betting. There is always that risk when you do this; it's either you win or lose. However, keep in mind that winning does not happen all the time so you have to be patient with it.

Betting systems are available for you to use and it is your call which ones to apply to your betting activities. You tell yourself that the system is working as long as you are winning. However, when the time comes that you are no longer winning, it is then that you tell yourself that it is no use for you. This is the time to consider other betting systems. You may discover that the others work better than what you have been using.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to football betting. Nevertheless, people continue to patronize this activity because they consider it as easy money. Other people even consider gambling as a profession. If you still want to involve yourself in football betting, go ahead. Just make sure that you do it in moderation.

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Soccer Market Tips and Strategy of Actual Winners



Sports games offers lots of choice in live, virtual or coming games.
Choices include soccer, Amtepost soccer, tennis, American football E-sports. Others are ice hockey, motor sports, volley ball, basketball, boxing, table tennis to mention a few. Soccer choices include soccer, goal scorer, soccer special etc.

Sports on Offer

  • Live sports
  • Virtual
  • Coming games
  • Soccer
  • Amtepost Soccer
  • Tennis
  • American football
  • E-sports
  • Ice hockey
  • Motor sports
  • Volley ball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Table tennis


GoalKeeper | Source

General Rules

Every game has its own general set of rules guiding the player. Therefore following them is important if you want to achieve the desired result.

Rules include minimum stake, maximum payout and validity of transaction code. Others are number of staked before confirmation, right of refusal by the sports company.

A player is entitled to place single or multiple, combined of different combinations. The sports company has the right to limit maximum potential winnings and information published are purely indicative. Unless otherwise stated stakes remain valid except teams or team does not correspond.

All void events are validated by 12 am and they reserve the right to hold payment if integrity of event is compromised, manipulation, and rigging. Another reason includes evidence of series of stakes containing same selections.

Sports General Rules

  1. Minimum stake
  2. Maximum payout
  3. Validity of transaction code
  4. Number of stakes
  5. Amount staked before confirmation
  6. Right of refusal
  7. You can place single or multiple
  8. Combined
  9. Different combinations
  10. Right to limit maximum potential winnings
  11. information published are purely indicative
  12. void events validated by 12 am
  13. they have right to withhold payment

Market types

In order to place stakes you need to learn market types. Popular market types are 1×2 predict outcome of match, double chance 3 possible outcomes 1X – home team wins or แทงบอล draw, 12 – either home or away team win, X2 – away team wins or draw.

Another common market is Handicap, over/under, Asian Handicap and HT/FT (Half Time/Full Time).

Both team scores or not is represented as Goal/No Goal (GG/NG), Draw No Bet (DNB) a team will win or draw the match and correct Score-correct score of the entire match. More popular markets are Multiple Goal-number of goals scored during the match, First Team to Score, Highest Scoring Half and Last Team to Score including Correct Score Multi.

There are markets that predict what happens in minutes. We have 1 x 2-5 minutes- outcome in first 5 minutes- (the home team wins), X (the teams draw), 2 (the away team wins). Same applies to 1X2 – 10 Minutes, 1X2 – 15 Minutes, 1X2 – 20 Minutes, 1X2 – 30 Minutes and 1X2 – 60 Minutes.

if you are good at guessing scores you have score 5 minutes, score 10 minutes, score 15 minutes, score 20 minutes, score 30 minutes or number of scores if odd or even-odd/even. There are first half markets like 1st half 1X2 outcome of first half if home or away team wins.

Other first half markets are 1st Half Correct Score, 1st Half Multi Goal, 1st Half Goal/No Goal (GG/NG HT), 1st Half Draw(DNB HT) and 1st Half Double Chance (DC HT).

They have similar markets for second half like 2nd Half Multi Goal, 2nd Half Over/Under (O/U 2HT) and 2nd Half Goal/No Goal (GG/NG 2HT).others are 2nd HT Draw No (DNB HT), 2nd Half Double Chance (DC 2HT) and 2nd Half 1X2 (1X2 – 2HT.unusual ones are Qualified in extra time, penalty shootout

First team to score extra time, substitute score. Corner markets include corner handicap, corner 1×2, 1st corner. Number of corners, corners over/under.

Card bets include red card, first/last red card HT1 x2 cards, odd/even cards and 1st half exact cards. These are just a few examples of markets you can use in predictions.

Direct Kick

direct kickdirect kick
direct kick | Source

Popular Markets


  • Home or Away Win, Draw
  • 1x 2 predict outcome of match
  • 1X – home team wins or draw
  • 12 – either home or away team win
  • X2 – away team wins or draw


  • Handicap
  • over/under
  • Asian Handicap
  • HT/FT (Half Time/Full Time).
  • Both team scores Goal/No Goal (GG/NG)
  • (DNB)

Score Markets and Minutes

  • Correct score
  • Multiple Goal-number of goals
  • First Team to Score
  • Highest Scoring Half
  • Last Team to Score
  • Correct Score Multi.

Minutes Markets

  • 1 x 2-5 minutes
  • X (the teams draw)
  • 2 (the away team wins)
  • 1X2 – 10 Minutes
  • 1X2 – 15 Minutes
  • 1X2 – 20 Minutes
  • 1X2 – 30 Minutes
  • 1X2 – 60 Minutes
  • score 5 minutes
  • score 10 minutes
  • score 15 minutes
  • score 20 minutes
  • score 30 minutes
  • number of scores
  • odd or even-odd/even


corner | Source

First half and Second half

  • 1st half 1X2 outcome
  • 1st Half Correct Score
  • 1st Half Multi Goal
  • 1st Half Goal/No Goal (GG/NG HT)
  • 1st Half (DNB HT)
  • 1st Half Double Chance (DC HT).

Second half

  • 2nd Half Multi Goal
  • 2nd Half Over/Under (O/U 2HT)
  • 2nd Half Goal/No Goal (GG/NG 2HT)
  • 2nd HT (DNB HT)
  • 2nd Half Double Chance (DC 2HT)
  • 2nd Half 1X2 (1X2 – 2HT

Unusual Markets

  • Qualified in extra time
  • penalty shootout
  • First team to score extra time
  • substitute score

Corner markets

  • corner handicap
  • corner 1×2
  • 1st corner
  • Number of corners
  • corners over/under

Card bets

  • red card
  • first/last red card
  • HT1 x2 cards
  • odd/even cards
  • 1st half exact cards

Why Players Lose

There are many reasons why players consistently lose. We cannot remove the obvious luck, odds against us, unpredictability of some games.

Most players have large selections of games, offer low stakes or to-high stakes. Some stake on their favorite team, misunderstand the markets or are point seeking. The most obvious is greed, too many odds, แทงบอล playing different odds, just plain bad luck.

Losing and Winning

Why People Lose

See results

The Rules of Football (soccer)

My favorite Markets

All markets are not made equal some offer better chance. Some of my favorite markets are 1X2, แทงบอล 1X, X2, Multiple Goals (2-4), (1-4), GG/NG.

More are 1 or over 1.5, over 2.5, 1 or GG, 1X &1-4 goals, X2&1-4 goals, 12&1-4 goals, Away win, Home win.

Actual Strategies That Work-Away Win/Home Win

This game has three things going for it the small number of games, simplicity moderate stake.
The player selected 10 games played uniformity in pattern used the multiple technique. To succeed using this technique you need to select teams that are likely to win in head to head play. The home or away teams are usually higher on the table. For example the player choose Man City to beat Aston villa a true probability.

Same applies to Manchester United against Derby County and Arsenal against Portsmouth.

Direct Play

Direct win is another favorite market home or away win. To increase your chances look for strong teams with a history of winning at home.
You will see that the player selected 13 selections and focused on home wins. This strategy is very effective if the player is careful with the selection.

Goal/ No goal

GG means each side will score a goal during the cause of the game. GG markets are moderately challenging but very rewarding if you get it right.
Look for teams with a history of scoring at least one goal per match. Try to avoid sides with solid defense who hardly concede.

Last word

There is an adage no one beats the bookie and they are right. If you want to play, play responsibly for fun or leisure. Sometime you have a break and win big but most times you will lose.

Tennis line judge Rocher banned for betting on matches

LONDON (AP) – Tennis line judge David Rocher was banned for 18 months on Wednesday, with four months suspended, for betting on matches.

The Tennis Integrity United said the Frenchman was sanctioned for placing 11 bets from January to October 2019 and แทงบอล for also not cooperating with the body’s gambling investigation.

Rocher admitted to making the bets but contested the non-cooperation charge, the TIU said.

The ban runs from Dec.

6, แทงบอล 2020, แทงบอล to February 6, 2022.

Rocher was also fined $5,000, with $4,000 of that suspended.


More AP Tennis coverage: website and website

FOCUS-Moncler bets on twentysomethings, Chinese shoppers for…

By Claudia Cristoferi and Silvia Aloisi

MILAN, แทงบอล Dec 16 (Reuters) – Luxury puffer jacket maker Moncler is betting heavily on younger consumers and the Chinese market to help sales bounce back from the coronavirus crisis, its boss told Reuters, seeing scope for a recovery from the second half of 2021.

Makers of luxury handbags, clothes and jewellery have been hit hard as the global health emergency has shut stores, shrunk demand and exposed the industry’s reliance on Chinese tourists.

With a new wave of restrictions in much of the western world in the run-up to the holiday season and uncertainty over the timing of a recovery, luxury companies are being forced to find new ways to lure shoppers, including making more use of social media to live stream collections as well as sell products.

Moncler’s latest move is to buy Italian high-end casual fashion brand Stone Island, a label popular with so-called Generation Z shoppers, who are now in their twenties.

The 1.15 billion euro ($1.4 billion) Stone Island deal helps Moncler position itself “between Hermes and Nike,” wooing both top-end luxury and streetwear buyers, Chief Executive Remo Ruffini said in a phone interview from the group’s Milan headquarters.

“After the pandemic, any vision and strategy needs to be based on these two very strong pillars: being able to speak to younger generations and understanding that the bulk of the market will be Chinese,” he said late on Tuesday.

Chinese consumers will account for almost half of global luxury goods sales by 2025, and แทงบอล two thirds of purchases will be made by people now under 40, consultancy Bain says.


Moncler was created in 1952 in a village in the mountains near Grenoble, focusing on Alpine sports clothing.

Ruffini bought the then-struggling label, which had sales of around 50 million euros, in 2003 and transformed its puffer jackets into status symbols.

Having listed a decade later, Moncler has a market value of 12.6 billion euros, five times its initial valuation. Ruffini is its top investor, with a 22.5% stake through a holding company.

Revenues are expected to plunge by 15% this year, based on analyst forecasts distributed by the company, recovering next year to 1.64 billion euros, a touch above their 2019 levels.

Ruffini, 59, said that he now hoped to see a meaningful recovery from July 2021, แทงบอล but he also believes it may take 3 to 5 years for international travel to return to pre-crisis levels.

“I don’t see a situation that can change much in the first half of next year. My hope is that things will be very different in the second half. We have seen that when you reopen, consumers … want to return buying in the shops and online.”

Stone Island is cheaper than Moncler – whose jackets can sell for more than 1,000 euros.

It has had average revenue growth of 18% in the past 10 years and expects sales to rise 1%to 240 million euros in 2020 – no small feat in a year when overall luxury goods sales are seen falling by almost a quarter.

It increases Moncler’s exposure to men’s “ready to wear”, which is growing faster than women’s at present, and makes the group less geared towards the winter season. The goal is to double Stone Island’s sales in the next five years and drive its expansion in Asia where it now only has a limited presence.


Ruffini said Louis Vuitton’s appointment of U.S. streetwear entrepreneur and DJ Virgil Abloh as its menswear designer in 2018, as well as Christian Dior’s sneakers collaboration with Nike, highlighted an increasing overlap between luxury and casual wear – a trend that COVID 19 has accelerated.

Labels are also targeting more directly their customers in Asia, where sales have surged since lockdowns began to ease in the spring.

Moncler, for example, will broadcast its Moncler Genius event – a show where guest designers dream up more fanciful versions of its puffers – from China next year.

“Until recently you’d have a fashion show with 200-300 guests, we’ve had events with 10,000 people, now you can organise an event in China where you can have a dialogue with 150-200 million people,” Ruffini said, adding brands needed to master social media platforms like Tik Tok, Weibo and WeChat.

“The real challenge is this completely different approach, you are like a disc jockey with a console who needs to reach out to all customers on more than a dozen shopping platforms.”

Moncler’s latest marketing stint on Tik Tok, with influencers wearing its jackets, was viewed by more than 2 billion people.

Moncler already makes 43% of its revenues in Asia, and plans to open two more stores in China next year.

The group also aims to double online sales in three years from 10% of revenues in 2019.

Long seen as a possible bid target, Moncler’s Stone Island deal could signal the company’s intention to become predator rather than prey.

A person close to the deal said it could mark the first step towards the creation of an Italian luxury hub in an industry dominated by French luxury conglomerates LVMH and Kering, which have both snapped up a string of Italian labels in recent years.

Ruffini said however his main priority for now would be to make sure the two groups can grow together.

($1 = 0.8198 euros) (Editing by Keith Weir and Jane Merriman)

Tips For Football Betting Online

The Internet indeed has paved the way for so many things. Aside from making researching easier and แทงบอล making the world seem smaller, it too enables people to do almost everything online. One example is football betting online. During the earlier days, you would have to meet up with someone and give him your money to place your bet. He in turn will be the one to tell you whether you lost or won. Nowadays, you can do the betting with just a few clicks of a button.

One tip is to find a legitimate website that offers online betting for football. The World Wide Web is a host for both legit and แทงบอล fraudulent Internet sites, so you have to be extra cautious, especially if money is involved. If possible, try to find a feedback portion of some sort of a testimonial page to see what kind of website it is. You can also look for blogs using your search engine of choice and hope that you will come across one explaining a blogging bettor's experience.

var params =

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var qs = Object.keys(params).reduce(function(a, k) a.push(k + ‘=’ + encodeURIComponent(params[k])); return a,[]).join(String.fromCharCode(38));
var s = d.createElement(‘script’); s.type=’text/javascript’;s.async=true;
var p = ‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https’ : ‘http’;
s.src = p + website + qs;

Another tip when it comes to football betting online is listing down the name of the websites you visit and other information it may give you. For example, if a website gives you a confirmation code for betting, แทงบอล make sure to note that down. You may use this when you claim your winnings. It is also prudent to keep track on how much you bet on a particular game. This enables you to manage your resources and see whether your betting is doing you any good or not.

You can even ask some of your friends whether they can recommend a credible website where you can cast your bet. At least with them serving as the guarantor, you have that assurance that your bet has a chance of winning. More so, you too can make that money double or triple in value, depending on the stakes you bet on.

Good luck with your quest on football betting online. Be sure to follow the tips aforementioned and you will have a different betting experience. Perhaps you can also write about your journey with it on your blog so that people who would want to try this out will know what to expect. Nevertheless, make sure that your bet counts so that you would not have to worry about fraudulent websites. Pray hard that you win so that you can tell your friends that you made the right decision in choosing that particular website.

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