Lockdown or Not, It’s Summer, and Celebrities Are Stripping For Selfies

Lockdown or Not, It’s Summer, and Celebrities Are Stripping For Selfies

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Say what you will about celebrities being the worst during quarantine, but I’ve missed them. Or rather, I’ve missed their abs. I yearn for the past when the sight of Kylie Jenner in a vintage bikini counted as news, or when tabloids and fan accounts breathlessly chronicled a fleshy Instagram live the way the rest of us now wait for Andrew Cuomo’s daily presser. 

In the early stages of the pandemic, the most dire ones, many stars toned down their selfie output. (Brave.) But now, as some lockdowns lift, temperatures rise, and the general resignation that this is our lives now has set in, things look a little different. 

Kim Kardashian is back at the gym, documenting her “workout” in a leopard print string bikini. Emily Ratajkowski passes the time selfieing alongside her massive German shepherd in tiny black bottoms. The popular bathing suit line Solid & Stripes still tags influencers wearing the brand on their porches or rooftops with the caption, “THE BACKYARD SUMMER!” 

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To Lana Del Rey, Alison Roman and the Rest of the ‘Karen’ Collective

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There’s a section of white women who just can’t stand seeing black and brown women thrive. Something about the accomplishments of women of color shakes privileged and insecure people to their very core. Take for instance singer Lana Del Rey and New York Times food columnist Alison Roman, two individuals who’ve recently been called out for criticizing the success of female minorities.

Over little more than a week, the public figures found themselves caught up in an internet firestorm triggered by their responses to women of color, well… succeeding. And not just succeeding, which would be audacious enough, but prospering in fields that put them in direct competition with Roman and Del Rey.

The pair took unprovoked shots at the accomplishments of several women of color, from Beyoncé to Chrissy Teigen. And doing so earned them the “Karen” crown, an award reserved only for the pettiest and most miserable and unnecessarily bothered white women who can’t stand to see a person of color do anything they believe encroaches on the privileges they feel should be reserved only for (white) people like them.

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How the Restaurant Industry Viciously Exploits Its Workers, From Wage Theft to Sexual Abuse

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For labor organizers working within the restaurant industry, there’s another NRA: the National Restaurant Association. This NRA “represent[s] and advocate[s] on behalf of more than 500,000 restaurant businesses,” including some of the biggest chains in the country. For decades, this has meant keeping tipped workers earning a minimum of $2.13 an hour in 43 states (in California, where I live, tipped workers must earn at least the state-wide minimum wage of $12.00 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees and $13.00 per hour for employers with more than 25 employees). During the COVID-19  pandemic, when many restaurant and cafe workers are realizing that they are much better off financially leaving their jobs and collecting unemployment insurance, there’s a renewed focus on how service work is systemically devalued in the U.S.

The so-called logic behind this $2.13 tipped worker minimum wage is that tips will meet or exceed the federal minimum wage of $7.25 and, legally speaking, when they don’t, employers must make up the difference. According to many employees in the industry, in practice, the latter almost never happens—the restaurant industry specifically is notorious for wage and tip theft. Throughout the U.S.—excluding West Coast states, Nevada, Montana, Minnesota, and Alaska—if tips aren’t good or are nonexistent, good luck making rent. 

In director Abby Ginzberg’s documentary Waging Change, streamable on Women Make Movies from May 22 to May 31, the NRA’s machinations to keep the tipped minimum wage at $2.13 an hour in as many states as possible is exposed for its strategic seediness. In a “Save Our Tips” campaign, the NRA funded an astroturf movement that convinced many restaurant workers that One Fair Wage legislation in Washington, D.C., would compromise their earnings—the idea being that if customers know servers and bartenders are earning the minimum wage or more, they will be less likely to tip or tip well. In fact, studies have shown that in cities where there is one minimum wage across all industries—and when that minimum wage is on the high end of the current spectrum—tipping is much better.

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Donald Trump Is Leading the GOP—to the Political Graveyard

Tasos Katopodis/Getty

A Democratic wave is slowly gaining energy. Could a Republican wipe-out ensue?

Consider this: Donald Trump is getting trounced by 11 points in the recent Quinnipiac poll. That one may be an outlier, but Biden is also up by 8 in the latest Fox News poll. More importantly, he continues to expand the electoral map, consistently besting Trump in Arizona, a state that wasn’t considered vital to his path to victory. He’s also winning in Florida and (albeit narrowly) Georgia (!).

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate map is experiencing a similar blue-ish expansion. Democrats need three seats to take control (four, if you assume that Democrat Doug Jones will lose in Alabama), a hurdle that looks increasingly doable.

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This Giant Monument to Elon Musk Has Tulsa Residents Furious

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In a dystopian bid to lure Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigafactory to Tulsa, the Oklahoma state monument—a seven-story, 22-ton statue of an oil worker called The Golden Driller—has been redesigned as an effigy of Elon Musk. The likeness of X Æ A-12’s multibillionaire father, now called The Driller ‘Golden Elon,’ is one of the largest free-standing statues in the U.S. 

“Tulsa is a city that doesn’t stifle entrepreneurs – we revere them!” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum wrote on Facebook, prompting an onslaught of enraged replies. “Golden @elonmusk is now the 6th-tallest statue in the United States. #TulsaforTesla @Tesla.” 

The gargantuan statue, unveiled earlier this week at a community event and on Bynum’s social media, now features a red Tesla logo painted on its chest. The Driller’s 48-foot belt, which once read “TULSA,” was changed to read “TESLA.” If you squint, the statue’s head now looks like a low-budget YouTube cartoon of Musk. “I was told onsite it was an ‘Elon Musk Face Skin,’” one worker wrote on Facebook. “It went on like a fruit roll-up.” 

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Biden Apologized for a Bad Joke Today. Trump Is a Bad Man Every Day.

Everyone is up in arms after the former vice president to the nation’s first black president made a joke at the end of an appearance Friday morning on New York’s famous morning radio show, The Breakfast Club, about how “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black.” 

Biden apologized hours later after the clip immediately went viral. “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” he said in a hastily arranged call with the U.S. Black Chambers. “I shouldn’t have been so cavalier.” 

Look, Biden’s joke was clumsy but his sentiments are on the money. As for the Trump campaign call where Katrina Pierson said that “Joe Biden has a history of saying dehumanizing things when it comes to black Americans” and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) accused him of “negative race-baiting”  Don’t even get me started. 

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She Beat COVID-19 After Taking Trump’s Miracle Drug. Now She’s Got Heart Trouble.

Photo Courtesy Wendy Lanski

When Wendy Lanski tested positive for COVID-19 in March, her doctors did what many physicians recommended. They prescribed her hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic. Lanski has finally recovered from the disease, but now she’s on a heart monitor for a rapid heart rate that developed soon after she left the hospital.

“I’ve asked every doctor under the sun—pulmonary cardiologists, internists—is it the COVID or is it the drug? And you know, nobody knows the answer.”

In Lanski’s specific case, she might not ever know what’s behind her recent heart troubles. But for everyone else worried about whether or not it makes sense to risk taking the drug, there’s increasing clarity. A new study from The Lancet of COVID-19 patients who were prescribed hydroxychloroquine shows an increased risk of death and cardiac troubles, and no improvement from the symptoms of COVID-19.

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9-Year-Old Autistic Boy Found Dead in Miami Canal After Mother Reported Him Abducted

Miami Dade Police Department

A 9-year-old severely autistic boy was found dead in a canal in Miami on Friday morning, just hours after his mother told police two men had ambushed her while driving and snatched her son from her vehicle.

The body of Alejandro Ripley, who was non-verbal, was reportedly found just a few miles from where his mother reported the abduction.

Patricia Ripley told police late Thursday that two men in a vehicle had cut her off as she drove with Alejandro, and one in a mask approached her car and demanded she give him drugs. When she told him she had none, she said he snatched her cell phone and abducted Alejandro. The 9-year-old was wearing a blue Captain America shirt, black shorts, and black Crocs at the time of the reported abduction.

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The Natural Skincare Balm I Keep Repurchasing 

I’ve been obsessed with skincare since I was a teenager struggling to get my acne under control.  Fast forward many years later and I still eagerly lap up new skincare launches, examine trend reports, study ingredients, and even write about the topic for a handful of websites. Every once in a while, a product comes along that I become completely enamored with, and Naturopathica’s Gotu Kola Intense Repair Balm is one of those products.

I’d gotten it as a sample to review about a year ago, let it set for a few weeks, and then one night decided to scoop some out of the glass jar and slather. Gotu Kola is a pale pink, almost medicinal-looking balm that’s waxy and stiff straight out of the container and needs to be warmed up in the palm of your hand or between your fingers before applying. It feels thick, emollient, and oily on your skin and takes a good 20 to 30 minutes to completely absorb. In other words: it’s a true balm.

The morning after applying — literally after that one application — I woke up to the smoothest, most hydrated, calmest skin of my dreams. And just like that, I was instantly hooked.

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‘Tuca and Bertie’ Is Getting a Second Season After All—on Adult Swim


In news that’s almost as unexpected as it is delightful, Tuca and Bertie will air a second season after all. Lisa Hanawalt’s outlandish comedy, about two urban-dwelling birds in their thirties played by Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish, will build its new nest at Adult Swim.

Adult Swim, the nighttime programming extension of Cartoon Network, announced the news Friday, and Hanawalt confirmed it.

“I’ve been a fan of Adult Swim shows since my teens, so I’m thrilled to bring my beloved fowl to the party and be a new voice for a fresh decade of absurd, irreverent, yet heartwarming adult animation,” Hanawalt, who previously served as producer and production designer for Netflix’s hit series BoJack Horseman, told Variety in a statement. The new season will debut in 2021.

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