Amy Seimetz’s ‘She Dies Tomorrow’ Is Timely Existential Horror—and So Much More


The most haunting thing about She Dies Tomorrow is that although its central character is certain she’s going to… well, you know… it’s almost impossible to nail down how she actually feels about it.

One would think that the most obvious reaction to one’s imminent demise would be terror. But as writer-director Amy Seimetz’s protagonist (also named Amy and played with transfixing subtlety by Kate Lyn Sheil) repeats the words “I’m going to die tomorrow” to anyone who will listen, that doesn’t seem to be her experience.

Seimetz, who co-created Starz’s The Girlfriend Experience and used the money she earned starring in 2019’s Pet Sematary remake to fund this film—which debuts Friday in select drive-ins and next weekend on VOD.

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