SNL Ditches Trump to Bet on a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Victory

SNL Ditches Trump to Bet on a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Victory

In the final Saturday Night Live episode before the 2016 election, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump broke character for the first time to apologize for yelling at Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. “None of this will have mattered if you don’t vote,” the actor told viewers just three days before the country elected Donald Trump.

Four years later, Baldwin has still been milking his Trump impression week after week. But this time, he was nowhere to be seen as SNL opened its last show before the 2020 election with a Halloween message from Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden.

Telling viewers he wanted to read them a scary story, Biden picked up Triggered by Donald Trump Jr. before saying, “That’s a little too scary.” Instead, he chose an even more terrifying Edgar Allan Poe-inspired story about how the Democratic candidate could lose.

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In Pennsylvania’s MAGA Bubble, Trump Is a Beacon of ‘Positivity’ Who Just Can’t Lose

Jeff Swensen/Getty

BUTLER, Pennsylvania— As soon as one crosses over into Pennsylvania’s Butler County, the scenery is draped in a vast phalanx of Trump 2020 paraphernalia. Accountants’ offices and landscaping businesses bear enormous Trump banners, the owners apparently unconcerned that they’ll lose any business in a county where Donald Trump bested Hilary Clinton 64,428 to 28,584 votes in 2016.

Some make weekend money setting up tents selling Trump flags and T-shirts in parking lots along Route 8. There’s a stall every few miles.

Trump chose the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport as one of his last campaign stops on Saturday, just three days before Election Day. And after polls showing Trump down 10-plus points nationally and five in Pennsylvania, it may have given the president just the ego boost he needs: Most of those in attendance are convinced that the president will not just win, but win in a landslide against former Vice President Joe Biden. Any other outcome will be seen by these supporters as proof of some nefarious scheme at play.

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Obama Photographer Pete Souza Exposes Trump’s ‘Obviously’ Staged Pics

Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House via Getty

As soon as Pete Souza saw the photos of President Donald Trump “working” from Walter Reed hospital earlier this month, he knew something was off.

“They were obviously posed pictures,” Souza, who worked as chief White House photographer under both President Barack Obama and President Ronald Reagan, tells me by email a couple of weeks after our longer conversation below about his new documentary The Way I See It, which will premiere commercial-free on MSNBC this Friday night at 10 p.m. ET.

Aside from the seemingly blank sheet of paper Trump can be seen signing in one of the photos, released by the White House in an attempt to prove the president was hard at work, one intrepid reporter determined that another photo, in which Trump is wearing a different outfit, was taken just 10 minutes later.

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