Despondent Pro-Trump Outlet Newsmax TV Refuses to Call Election for Biden

Despondent Pro-Trump Outlet Newsmax TV Refuses to Call Election for Biden


Stridently pro-Trump cable news network Newsmax TV went out of its way to refuse to call the 2020 presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday after multiple news outlets projected Biden would win Pennsylvania, pushing him over the needed 270 electoral votes.

After airing the Trump campaign’s Saturday morning press conference in Philadelphia which featured Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani making baseless allegations about widespread voter fraud, Newsmax TV anchor Tom Basile informed viewers that multiple networks had called the election for the Democratic nominee.

At the same time, he explained why his network would not follow suit.

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The End of the Line for Trumpland Is a Poorly Rated Sex Shop in North Philly

Mark Makela/Reuters

On Saturday morning, members of Donald Trump’s legal armada scrambled to put together a press conference to challenge the legitimacy of the election. For the site of their Waterloo, they chose a landscaping business in Philadelphia that rested on an industrial road next to an erotic book shop that hosts “Dildo Madness” sales and whose proprietors have taken a decidedly negative assessment of water-based lube.

For a moment, Four Seasons Total Landscaping and the nearby Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore, which one Yelp reviewer called “a creepy place,” were a punchline. And then they were a metaphor. Until, as the minutes ticked on, they grabbed their bizarro place in the history books.

For it was there that the team Trump put together to turn the tides of the election—Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi, and Corey Lewandowksi—stood when the call came down. Joe Biden was deemed president-elect, putting an end to days of waiting and ballot counting on top of the months of campaigning that preceded it.

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‘It Feels Glorious’: Democrats Across the U.S. Finally Exhale—for Now


The bells of churches across Paris pealed for hours. A two-mile caravan of be-flagged vehicles in Phoenix floored it to the county election office’s headquarters in furious protest. Dozens of people in the nation’s capital marched a gigantic inflatable rat wearing an oversized suit and red tie to the White House, chanting the chorus to Steam‘s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

In the days since the election, former Vice President Joe Biden has pushed for Americans to come together, regardless of how they voted or who was the victor. But after four days of unsustainable national tension, the hours after Biden was finally declared the victor in this year’s presidential election have sparked a global show of both jubilation and dread, of exhilaration and defiance.

Weighing heavily on the last four days of tension, however, was the last four years of pent-up exhaustion, rage, and sadness for a Democratic Party craving catharsis after their devastating 2016 loss.

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Gritty’s Revenge: Philadelphia Revels in Historic Role in Dooming Trump

BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

PHILADELPHIA—As in other cities across America, thousands of people poured into the streets here early Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

But the celebration in Philly was especially raucous, thanks both to the character of a city with a reputation for going hard, and because the longtime Democratic stronghold was savaged early and often by Trump as a corrupt, broken place.

Trump repeatedly hyped a legacy of “bad things” happening in Philadelphia on the campaign trail, specifically suggested his MAGA acolytes needed to poll-watch there for nonexistent fraud—which they did, to no effect—and generally talked shit about a town known for not countenancing insults.

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Russian Media Is Angry and Desperate Over Biden Win

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

With Joe Biden declared America’s newest president-elect, darkness descended over Russian state media this week.

Pro-Kremlin news anchors, pundits and experts have long dreaded former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, having described it as “the worst scenario for Russia.” As their nightmare became an inevitable reality, Russian state television shows were permeated with angry faces and raw emotions.

“Nothing will ever be the same… What are we witnessing? What is the world coming to? Not only this country, but the world?” mournfully asked Evgeny Popov, the host of Russian state media show 60 Minutes. Panelists in the studio grimly outlined the bevy of consequences Biden’s presidency may mean for the Kremlin.

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‘Best Day of Our Lives’: Weekend Plans Scrapped Nationwide to Celebrate Biden Win


Thousands of Americans took to the streets on Saturday, filling the air with every plausible expression of joy as Democrat Joe Biden, whose lead in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Nevada had long appeared insurmountable, was finally declared president-elect.

The end of Donald Trump’s presidency, especially loathed in large cities (some of which helped vote him out of office), was at hand. And pandemic-era weekend plans were not going to get in the way of crazed celebration.

In Washington, D.C., residents celebrated Biden’s win as close as they could get to the White House, separated from the building by blocks of security fencing. On the street, drivers honked their car horns and waiters at a restaurant spilled out and whipped napkins in celebration. A crowd carried a giant inflatable balloon of Trump as a rat to the White House celebration, where it was met with cheers.

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President Trump’s Time Is Nearly Up, and Black Women Will See Him Out

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photo Getty

Donald Trump’s political career began with a lie. A virulently racist lie. Now, Black women are on the verge of bringing that career to its end.

No sooner had Barack Obama sat down behind the Resolute Desk than Donald Trump’s racist tirades filled the airwaves, repeatedly questioning the legitimacy of the 44th president. Emphasizing Obama’s middle name, Hussein, Trump said he was sending investigators to Hawaii to find the “real” birth certificate and prove, once and for all, that the nation’s first Black president was born on foreign soil and was not entitled to hold the highest office in the land. In time, that conspiracy theory became an ideology—one that would fuel Trump’s political aspirations.

It is deeply satisfying that a Black woman, Sen. Kamala Harris, is helping to write what appears to be his political eulogy. And the congressional district that could seal history’s verdict, pending a recount in the state, is Georgia’s 5th—the home of the late Rep. John Lewis, one of the first to endorse Obama’s candidacy and one of Trump’s most vocal critics.

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Donald Trump Becomes What He Deeply Feared: A One-Term President

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

For decades, Donald Trump obsessively crafted an image for himself as the ultimate success man, a real estate tycoon turned reality TV show star who parlayed an innate genius for business and media into a spectacular run for the presidency. The country, he explained, would win so much with him as president that they’d beg him to stop.

Offering himself up to the voters a second time, Trump lost.

Trump, naturally, doesn’t see it that way. He has vowed court battles and recounts in several of those states. His campaign refused to concede once the call came in from the networks on Saturday. But the absent the miraculous, Trump will be America’s first one-term president in nearly three decades and will suffer the ignominy that comes with it.

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CNN’s Van Jones Sobs On-Air After Biden Wins: ‘It’s Easier to Be a Dad’


CNN political commentator Van Jones openly wept on Saturday morning after his network finally called the 2020 presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden, emotionally stating that President Donald Trump’s defeat makes it “easier to be a dad.”

After days of anticipation as the Democratic presidential nominee built up leads in several key battleground states, multiple news outlets felt comfortable calling tipping-point-state Pennsylvania for Biden after a Saturday dump of vote counts pushed him over a half-point lead.

Moments after the network announced it projected Biden would be the 46th president, CNN anchor asked Jones—a former adviser for President Barack Obama—to react to the moment. And Jones just let it all hang out.

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