How ‘The Batman’ Will Keep Shooting Without Robert Pattinson

How ‘The Batman’ Will Keep Shooting Without Robert Pattinson

Warner Bros.

Pandemic be damned, a deadline is a deadline—and so production on The Batman has reportedly resumed despite the absence of its star, Robert Pattinson, who tested positive for COVID-19 days after filming began anew.

According to the Daily Mail director Matt Reeves is determined to get as much of the film shot as possible, with three months remaining in the film’s production schedule. A delay, the tabloid reports, could cost Warner Bros. £5 million—around $6.6 million.

“The aim is to get as much done as possible before he returns and the hope is that none of the other actors get the virus,” a source told Daily Mail. “Crew can be replaced as most are freelance and hired for the duration of the shoot but it would be disastrous if another major actor gets the virus.”

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From Secretaries to Teaching Aides, These Are Best Gifts for Teachers Who Are Back Teaching In-Person.

As students begin to head back to school, parents may be thinking of a special way to show their appreciation to the teachers who are back teaching in-person this fall.  After all, while an end-of-the-school year gift is traditional, this school year isn’t exactly like the year before it, making back-to-school gifts a considerable option to consider this year instead.  To help gift your favorite teacher with items they will actually use, we rounded up eight items sure to be a lifesaver to teachers, aides, and principals alike. From mask straps to sanitizer holders, ahead are the best gifts for teachers who are back teaching this year.   

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The ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ of the U.S. Military Return to Haunt Trump

Donald Trump’s alleged comments that Americans who died serving our country are “losers” and “suckers” probably won’t matter—unless it is the first salvo in a larger battle. 

If elections are about who’s on offense on who’s on defense, then the biggest thing about this military story may  be another lost cycle for Trump where he’s responding to a story not of his choosing, and as he’s running out of cycles here to close a persistent gap in the polls—suggesting our amp-to-11 president is going to do something wildly over the top now to try and reclaim control of the conversation.

But there’s also a chance that this story could have legs—that it could be more than just a one-day story that is quickly replaced by the next outrage. Let me explain. 

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Hollywood Is Back, Baby! (But Maybe It Shouldn’t Be!)

Warner Brothers

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If you medicate your anxiety over the apocalyptic news cycle whipping around us with the menacing force of a fire tornado (a thing that really happened!) by keeping casual tabs on entertainment industry news, then you’re forgiven for feeling a sense of encouraging comfort recently.

If not, let me catch you up: Hollywood is back, baby! 

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The Best Labor Day Sales Happening Right Now, All in One Place

Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Unsplash

Celebrate the long weekend with sales on all your favorite things. Scouted is here to bring you the best discounts, deals, and sales and put them in one place. Keep checking back throughout the weekend as we’ll be updating here as more sales pop up.

Adidas: Get 25% off site wide with the code SALE25

Anthropologie: For a limited time, you can take an extra 25% off sale items. 

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Tucker Carlson 2024?

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast /Roy Rochlin/Getty

Rupert Murdoch is synonymous with Fox News. What will happen to the Fox media empire when the 89-year-old Papa ‘Doch finally goes?  

CNN’s Brian Stelter shared his theory with Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast on this episode of The New Abnormal and it’s hard not to see it as a possibility. But spoiler alert: It’s super complicated.

“There will be a battle over the future of the company because there’s this trust right now. There’s eight votes in the trust,” he says. “Rupert has four votes and the kids have four votes. So he wins. If, and when he dies, there will be four votes from four children,” and dun dun, dun” one of them leans more liberal.

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Portland’s Antifa Gunman Killed in Shootout With Police

via YouTube

The man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group during demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, last weekend was killed late Thursday when a federal task force came to arrest him, law-enforcement officials said.

Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Ray Brady said Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed near Lacey, Washington, after he emerged from an apartment that was under surveillance and pulled out a gun when confronted. Brady told The Oregonian that Reinoehl then ran to a station wagon parked near the residential complex, and officers fired rounds into the vehicle to try to stop him.

The car was boxed in by officers’ vehicles, so Reinoehl opened its driver’s side door and began to run, Brady said. He again showed a gun and four officers opened fire, according to the sheriff. Reinoehl died at the scene.

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Staffing Up During a Pandemic


If hiring, training and managing a staff is one of the hardest parts of running a bar, try doing it during a pandemic.

On this special episode of the award-winning podcast Life Behind Bars, co-hosts David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum talk to three top bartenders—Ryan Fitzgerald from San Francisco, Anu Apte from Seattle and Derek Brown from Washington, D.C.—about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and how their roles and management styles have evolved. 

So mix yourself a drink and listen to this important episode of Life Behind Bars: What I’ve Learned. Cheers!

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In Netflix’s ‘Away,’ Hilary Swank’s Gotta Leave This Doomed Earth to Save This Doomed Earth


What is it about space? The black, starry void is a singularly vexing backdrop; it evokes endless possibility and terrifying nothingness all at once. We love to watch celebrities scream in space, contemplate fictional long-lost loved ones in space, and, of course, mull the very real existential doom that faces our planet in space.

Enter Netflix’s Away—a gripping drama that embraces this galaxy of thematic potential while also grounding its action in reality. Oh, and its lead is a powerful, multi-faceted Hilary Swank—whose tenacity brings the show’s stakes to life in visceral, at times unsettling ways. In other words: If ya like space stuff, you’re not going to want to miss this one. And even if you don’t, there’s a lot more to love as well.

Show-runner Jessica Goldberg knew going in that she wanted to Away to feel real. Everything seen in the series either actually happened or is at least possible based on what we know. That said, some conjecture was required; after all, the whole show revolves around our determined Swanksternaut’s quest to be the first commander to land a team of astronauts on Mars—a feat humanity has not actually accomplished yet.

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The Brutal History of Spit Hoods, the Creepy Tool Cops Used on Daniel Prude

AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey

Daniel Prude was naked when Rochester, New York, police ordered him onto the snowy ground in March. The only thing besides handcuffs that officers placed on his body before he went unconscious? A white mesh bag commonly known as a “spit hood.”

Prude, 41, died of homicide asphyxiation on March 30, after a week in a coma. His demise began after he experienced an apparent mental health crisis, prompting his brother, Joe, to place an emergency services call. Rochester Police officers who responded found Prude naked and acting erratically. They ordered him onto the ground, where they promptly handcuffed him without incident. 

Prude, who according to a medical examiner’s report had the hallucinogenic drug PCP in his system, continued to rant, and was later said to have alluded to possibly having COVID-19. He also spat on the ground. Police placed the spit hood over Prude’s head and knelt on his back until he threw up in the hood, after which he went unconscious.

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