‘I’m Not Chris Wallace’: Jake Tapper Cuts Short Pointless Interview With Trump Spox

‘I’m Not Chris Wallace’: Jake Tapper Cuts Short Pointless Interview With Trump Spox


CNN anchor Jake Tapper booted Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh on Wednesday after the Trump flack continued to deflect when pressed on the president’s refusal to condemn white supremacists, invoking the much-maligned moderator of Tuesday’s debate in the process.

Following an off-the-rails presidential debate that was described by reporters as a “shitshow,” President Donald Trump has faced intense backlash for telling the far-right group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” while refusing to disavow right-wing extremists and white supremacy.

After multiple aides tried to clean up his remarks on Wednesday by blaming debate moderator Chris Wallace or claiming the president actually did repeatedly refute white supremacy on Tuesday night, the president attempted to clarify his comments on Wednesday afternoon.

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Peter Navarro: Actually, Chris Wallace Is to Blame for Trump Telling Proud Boys to ‘Stand By’


Team Trump had their hands full on Wednesday morning as they were tasked with the unenviable job of cleaning up the president’s outright refusal to disavow white supremacists and far-right extremism. The results were, shall we say… lacking.

As Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley was on CNN ridiculously claiming that the president condemned white supremacy three times during Tuesday night’s debate, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro used an MSNBC appearance to blame debate moderator Chris Wallace for telling far-right groups to “stand back and stand by.”

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson noted that the president was getting a “lot of headlines” over that moment—with his Fox friends even saying he blew the “biggest layup” in debate history—before asking Navarro what the president was trying to say.

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The Trump Campaign Is Quietly Disappearing Brad Parscale From Their Website

Drew Angerer

President Donald Trump’s campaign still won’t clarify the status of its erstwhile campaign manager Brad Parscale, who was taken into custody by police outside of his Florida home over the weekend. But the campaign is quietly purging its website of Parscale’s visage.

Since Tuesday, the campaign has removed a video of Parscale from the homepage of its “Army for Trump” election monitoring operation. It also deleted a page on the main campaign website featuring a video of Parscale and Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and senior campaign adviser. The video of their discussion, billed as a Q&A on the state of the campaign, has also been removed from YouTube. Those deletions were first flagged on Twitter by the writer Jeryl Bier.

One Trump campaign page discussing the event with Lara Trump remained online as of Wednesday morning. After The Daily Beast flagged it in a comment request sent to the campaign, that page was removed as well.

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Trump Came Across Like ‘a Total Assh*le’ in the First Debate

Daily Beast/Getty

Former Republican operative Stuart Stevens joins Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson for a special episode of The New Abnormal on the night of the utterly chaotic first presidential debate.

Trump’s amped up ranting reminded everyone that he’s “a guy that you just would not want in your face for another four years,” Stevens concluded. “Trump just came across as a total asshole.”

It was a night when the moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, was unable to keep control. Stevens suggested giving the moderators the right to cut off the microphones of unruly candidates. “I think the moderators ought to have the rights to shock collars,” said Rick.

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Vatican Accuses Team Trump of Trying to Exploit Pope Francis


ROME—U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not having a very good Roman holiday. His 30-plus car motorcade glided over the cobblestone streets of the uncharacteristically dreary, overcast Italian capital Wednesday morning for his second visit in a year. But rather than receiving a hero’s welcome, as he did last time—complete with a private audience with Pope Francis and a visit to his ancestral home outside of Rome, he was accused of trying to exploit the pope on President Trump’s behalf.

The trilateral between the U.S., Italy and the Holy See should have been a pre-election opportunity to show that U.S. relations with Rome are stronger than ever. Instead it was overshadowed by Italian headlines mocking Trump’s debate debacle in Ohio Tuesday night, topped off by an icy cold shoulder from Pope Francis, who refused to meet him this time around.

Pompeo instead headlined an event called, “Advancing and Defending International Religious Freedom through Diplomacy,” put on by U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Callista Gingrich in a socially distanced conference room at the posh Excelsior Hotel on the Via Veneto near the U.S. embassy. Bishop Paul Richard Gallagher, the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, gave an address after Pompeo, but the most he could give by way of papal blessing was to say, “his holiness is aware of this meeting.”

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Trump Spokesman Ridiculously Claims Trump Condemned Right-Wing Extremism Three Times


It looks like we now know how Team Trump will handle the fallout over President Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacists at Tuesday’s debate: Say Trump actually did condemn white supremacy multiple times.

Trump campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley showed up on CNN’s New Day on Wednesday morning in an attempt to spin the president’s disastrous and chaotic performance, which even his owsupporters conceded was “too hot” while likening the president to a “feral animal.”

While news anchors and analysts trashed the entire debate, calling it a “hot mess” and a “shitshow,” much of the media’s attention has been focused on the president outright refusing to disavow far-right extremism and white nationalism when confronted by debate moderator Chris Wallace. Even Trump’s favorite morning show Fox & Friends said that Trump “blew the biggest layup in the history of debates.”

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‘Fox & Friends’ Trashes Trump for Blowing the Debate Over White Supremacists

Fox News

President Donald Trump might have choked on his Egg McMuffin on Wednesday when tuning into his favorite morning show.

Fresh from an aggressive debate performance which his campaign chalked up as a victory before it had even happened, Trump most likely tuned into Fox & Friends expecting the kind of sycophantic flattery he’s become accustomed to over the past four years. However, even the president’s pals at Fox thought his debate performance, well, kinda sucked.

All three of the hosts—Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Ainsley Earhardt—made clear how deflated they felt the morning after the debate. In particular, Kilmeade seemed despondent that Trump blew the big moment in the one-on-one with Biden: When he failed to grasp the opportunity to condemn white supremacy and the extremist Proud Boys group.

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Mariah Carey Book: Tommy Mottola Threatened Me With a Knife When It Was Clear I Was Leaving Him

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

If Tommy Mottola, the powerful American music executive whose net worth is estimated at some $450 million, thought that by preemptively being diplomatic about his ex-wife Mariah Carey, in advance of the publication of her memoir, he could neutralize its impact, he is in a for a rude awakening.

For Mottola emerges as the No. 1 bad guy in Carey’s bombshell just-published autobiography, in which she devotes hundreds of pages to recounting, in granular detail, how Mottola, 21 years her senior, held her “captive” and exerted mind-boggling control over every aspect of her life.

Mottola, who has previously admitted to having been a controlling husband, appeared to be attempting to get out ahead of the story when he told Page Six, ahead of the launch of The Meaning of Mariah Carey: “I am deeply gratified to have played that role in Mariah’s well-deserved and remarkable success, and continue to wish her and her family only the very best.”

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Ex-Washington Post Editor Leonard Downie Dishes on Bob Woodward, Fox News, and the Importance of Being Factual

Brendan Hoffman/Getty

The American public’s trust in the news media has probably eroded even further in the five months since the Committee to Protect Journalists released former Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr.’s disheartening report detailing the effectiveness of President Donald Trump’s campaign to discredit working reporters who cover his administration.

“It’s gotten worse,” the 78-year-old Downie told The Daily Beast, adding that he hopes his just-published memoir, All About The Story—chronicling his four-decade journey from cub reporter to big boss—plays some small role in restoring the profession’s credibility.

“I hope that they will see, by my taking them inside in great detail, how factual journalism works,” said Downie (under whom this writer, a former Post reporter and columnist, toiled for the better part of 23 years). “And how the difficult decisions that need to be made in dealing with factual journalism—including very aggressive factual journalism, investigative reporting that brings about change, decisions about national security and politicians and so on—will help them understand, and believe in, the mission of factual media and the credibility of factual media.”

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The Big COVID Vaccine Challenge Is Keeping Them Super-Cold

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

By Anna Nagurney, The Conversation

Just like a fresh piece of fish, vaccines are highly perishable products and must be kept at very cold, specific temperatures. The majority of COVID-19 vaccines under development—like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines—are new RNA-based vaccines. If they get too warm or too cold they spoil. And, just like fish, a spoiled vaccine must be thrown away.

So how do companies and public health agencies get vaccines to the people who need them?

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