Man in Louisville Crowd Shot Dead by Authorities, Says Gov. Beshear

Man in Louisville Crowd Shot Dead by Authorities, Says Gov. Beshear


A man has died in Louisville after being shot at by LMPD and Kentucky National Guard forces, according to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear.

In an earlier statement, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Steve Conrad confirmed that a man had been shot and killed, but did not say whether or not the individual had died as a result of shots fired by law enforcement. Conrad linked the shootout to the protests in the city.

Protests have gripped Louisville in response to the death of Breonna Taylor, 26, a black EMT killed by police during a botched no-knock raid on her apartment on March 13. The demonstrations have intensified further since the death of George Floyd, an unarmed 46-year-old black man killed by police in Minneapolis last month, sparking unrest across the nation.

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Russia’s Gloating About U.S. Unrest Is Racist AF

Mikhail Svetlov

America’s heartbreak brought considerable joy to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but the gloating also exposes the deep ugliness of his regime.

Russian reporters covering protests on American soil appear to sympathize with the protesters, but state media reports for domestic audiences tell an entirely different story.

War correspondent Dmitry Steshin authored a despicably racist article for the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, purporting to give advice to the American protesters. His mockery of the ongoing protests in the United States made references to “muscular criminal Negroes,” described “twerking” as the “national Negro dance,” recommended the use of amphetamines, and called for blood, with as many deaths as possible.

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‘Below Deck: Med’ Female Bosses Torch the Show’s Misogynistic Men: ‘I Would Fire Them’


“June June Hannah.” 

It shouldn’t be that funny. It shouldn’t be anything, really. On the Bravo reality series Below Deck: Mediterranean, chief steward Hannah Ferrier was just doing her job, attempting to get third steward June Foster’s attention through the crew’s radio system. For reasons that escaped Ferrier, escaped Captain Sandy Yawn, escaped viewers, and escaped all logical reason, Foster never had her radio with her. Hannah was calling for June into the void. 

The result was an increasingly irate Ferrier chirping in her Australian accent “June, June? Hannah” ad nauseum and to literal radio silence, all edited together masterfully into a comedy set piece by the Bravo production team. It quickly became a sort of dadaist catchphrase, a popular tagline as meaningless as Ferrier’s attempts to reach Foster in the first place. That it was humorous or popular at all is ridiculous, which somehow made it even more popular. As far as memorable reality TV bits go, it was one of the highlights of last year. 

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The Fake Porn Stars Scamming Lonely Guys Out of Big Money During the Pandemic

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

A few months back, Lars* found a profile for porn star Jade Kush online, which featured a Skype handle for fans to contact her. So, he added her on Skype—and was thrilled when, almost immediately, she started to text him. They traded pictures and small talk about life; she called him a handsome man and got flirty, saying it didn’t matter to her that he had a wife. He asked if they could take their budding digital romance to the next level with a video chat. She requested a $100 Amazon gift card in return. He obliged. She told him not to show the card to anyone else. Then she started coming up with excuses as to why she couldn’t do the video chat—bad timing, a dirty camera lens. Lars started to get skeptical, but she insisted she loved him truly and deeply. Then she told him that she needed “some money like $300 to get some food and stuff’s in the house.” 

“I promise I will never let you down,” she said. “Do this for me from your own kind heart.” 

That’s when Lars found an email for the actual Jade Kush on one of her actual social media profiles, and reached out to confirm his growing suspicion: That he’d been scammed by one of a large number of fraudsters who digitally impersonate porn stars online to target their fans.  

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Trump’s ‘ANTIFA’ Threat Is Total Bullshit—And Totally Dangerous

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Getty

It’s not a real organization, “ANTIFA.” And even if it were, there is no such thing as a domestic federal terror designation.

But President Donald Trump’s tweet that the U.S. “will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization” is a very real threat.

Trump’s Sunday offering came as federal and local authorities across the country scrambled to contain increasingly violent protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minneapolis. Trump, who over several years has launched numerous tirades against anti-fascists, blamed the movement—really, a set of organizing tactics—for vandalism at the protests.

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Protest Near White House Explodes With Fury and Flames as Cops Enforce Curfew

Tasos Katopodis

A building near the White House grounds, the headquarters of the AFL-CIO, and an historic church were all set on fire late Saturday as the nation’s capital was once again gripped by chaos after a day of largely peaceful protests against police brutality.

As President Donald Trump reportedly monitored the situation from a bunker inside the White House, a standoff at Lafayette Park went from tense to terrifying in the space of an hour.

In the late afternoon, MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake had tweeted that “the mood is much less tense tense today.” Seven hours later, he was apparently hit by a rubber bullet as police tried to clear the area.

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