Sister of ‘Mythbusters’ Alum Adam Savage Accuses Him of Raping Her in the 1970s

Sister of ‘Mythbusters’ Alum Adam Savage Accuses Him of Raping Her in the 1970s

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Discovery

Adam Savage, the former host of “Mythbusters,” has been accused of “repeatedly” sexually abusing his younger sister for years in the late 1970s, starting when she was just 7-years-old and he was 9, a new lawsuit filed Tuesday states.

Miranda Savage Pacchiana, 51, alleges in the lawsuit filed in Westchester Supreme Court that her older brother called himself “the raping blob” as he sexually assaulted her between 1976 and 1979 when the two lived in Sleepy Hollow, New York—masking the abuse as a game between siblings.

“As a child, this experience shook my sense of safety and crushed my self-confidence,” Pacchiana said in a Tuesday video press conference, according to the New York Daily News. “I will never wake up one morning and stop being a survivor of child rape.”

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American Kennel Club Employees Outraged About Return to NYC Offices

Amid a larger cultural reckoning with race following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, employees at the historic American Kennel Club were hoping to join a number of other companies and organizations in making Juneteenth a company holiday.

Instead, while the nonprofit’s staff were hard at work that day, they received a brief email: Even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, they would have to return to the AKC’s Midtown Manhattan office within a week.

“As you have heard, the good news is that New York City will move to Phase 2 on Monday, June 22, 2020, allowing our office to return to operating as a workplace,” said a letter from the organization’s executive team, adding, “Understandably, changes are sometimes challenging, and we appreciate your flexibility during this difficult time.”

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A Definitive Guide to Reusable Face Masks for Every Situation

With state after state mandating that we all wear face coverings in public, it’s never been more important than now to find one you like. The CDC continues to recommend face coverings and social distancing to fight the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, which means you should have a few face masks at your disposal. We’ve done a lot of research over the last couple of weeks to find the best ones for anyone looking to upgrade their face masks. Now, all that research is in one place. You can find masks here for all kinds of occasions and some of our favorites that the Scouted team uses on a daily basis. Stay safe!

Exercising with a mask on is easy if you find a mask that works for you. These are breathable, moisture-wicking, and will keep you and those around you safe while you work up a sweat.

Chances are, you’ll have somewhere to go where a plain ol’ mask just won’t do. These masks take a little more style into consideration, but will still keep you inline with CDC recommendations.

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This Utah Police Chief Was Promoted Even After His Racist Posts Were Exposed. Now Residents Want Him Out.

Price City Police Department/Facebook

When Brandon Sicilia was named the police chief of Price City last July, some residents of the small Utah town were “horrified.”

While the 47-year-old law enforcement official had spent over two decades serving the Carbon County city of 8,715 residents, he also had a history of posting vile, racist comments on Facebook. 

“Ol’ Busta, once again demonstrated the prime example of a Typical coward N—er. BTW: I don’t use the term much… But, when I do, It’s equivalent to one satanic S.O.B,” Sicilia wrote in a 2016 post, obtained by The Daily Beast, that didn’t censor the N-word. 

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Biden Blasts Trump, Says He ‘Surrendered’ to COVID-19


For weeks, President Donald Trump and his campaign have attacked former Vice President Joe Biden for “hiding in a basement” as new coronavirus cases have skyrocketed across the country. In public remarks on Tuesday, Biden responded to those attacks by challenging Trump to focus on the deadly pandemic that has killed at least 125,000 Americans under his watch—and laid out his own plan to address the crisis.

“It’s almost July, and it seems like our ‘wartime president’ has surrendered,” Biden told reporters inside a gym at the Alexis L. DuPont High School in Wilmington, Delaware, calling his proposed roadmap to safely reopening America “a plan to save lives in the months ahead.”

Biden’s plan, which lashes together various economic, public health, and social policies that his campaign has released since January, calls for a massive increase in testing funding and capacity, rigorous contact tracing and quarantining of people who have been exposed to the virus, a coordinated global approach to finding treatments and a potential vaccine, and a uniform national standard for reopening businesses and services that have been shuttered under state lockdowns.

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No, Chief Justice John Roberts Isn’t Liberal–He’s a Different Kind of Conservative

Matt Rourke/AP/Shutterstock

Is John Roberts the savior of liberalism?

In the last seven days, the Chief Justice, who was nominated by President George W. Bush, has voted to strike down Louisiana’s restrictions on abortion clinics, preserve DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, and protect LGBTQ Americans from being fired for being gay or trans.  

So is JGR the new RBG?

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These Are the Top-Rated Women’s Jeans on Amazon That Won’t Let You Down

When it comes to finding jeans online, sometimes it’s better to trust a large audience. We took to Amazon to find the highest-rated jeans with the most reviews so you don’t have to feel duped by shoddy denim.

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Biden Sounds So Presidential That You People Will Be Thrilled


Joe Biden gave another big speech on Tuesday, his third this month. It was pre-billed as him stepping up his attacks on Donald Trump, and he did that (“Donald Trump failed us. Month after month, as many of us urged him to step up and do his job, he failed us”), both in prepared remarks and in response to press questions.

But he also did something else, something that wasn’t “news” but was more compelling than a few canned jibes. Remember how Trump used to talk about how he’d be “so presidential that you people would be so bored”? Well, that’s never been true. But Biden is looking so presidential—no, really—that you’ll be thrilled.

This man has changed: History has placed him in the most grim and daunting of occasions, and he is rising to it. He carries himself like a leader and public servant. He talks the way a president is supposed to talk. In laying out five steps he said we should take to fight the coronavirus, which any candidate would do, he conveyed empathy and a proper sense of what being president is about: “Your health will be my responsibility if I’m your president. And I will not abandon you.” 

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Carl Reiner, as Remembered by Alan Alda, George Clooney and More

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

As a comedian, an entertainer, and a human being, Carl Reiner created an indelible legacy. The Hollywood legend died of natural causes Monday, at the age of 98. He is survived by his son, activist and director Rob Reiner, as well as his daughter, Sylvia Ann, and his son, Lucas. And by his best friend, Mel Brooks, who would visit almost every night to watch Jeopardy! and talk about the world. And by a staggering list of collaborators, including Dick Van Dyke, Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, George Clooney, and so many more. And, of course, Reiner is survived by millions of fans—who loved him for his work, his firecracker social media presence, and above all his humanity.

“Last night my dad passed away,” Rob Reiner wrote Tuesday morning. “As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.”

In 2017, after becoming the first father-son duo to plant their hands and feet in cement outside the TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, Rob Reiner thought about what his father had meant to him growing up.

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Forbes Says Another Kardashian (Kim) Is Not a Billionaire


Not for the first time, the Kardashian clan’s ability to count their money accurately has been called into question by the ultimate arbiter of modern day wealth, Forbes.

The fresh dispute arose after Kanye West posted an artful picture of vegetables on Twitter Monday to congratulate his wife Kim for “officially becoming a billionaire.”

However, on Tuesday, Forbes posted on its website that they estimated that Kardashian is actually not “part of the six comma club yet” and is worth a mere $900 million, following a deal between her cosmetics company KKW Beauty and retail giant Coty.

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